Whether it is to be used for retail, office space, multiple residential or public meeting space, in a commercial environment, every square meter of floor space counts. This axiom is no truer than in a market such as Manitoba where the desire for modern efficient space, at times, conflicts with the necessity to preserve the historical significance of the many heritage buildings present.

Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd. professionals have demonstrated ingenuity in solving the conflicts that arise when contemporary amenities, such as fire alarm, security, task lighting, environmental control, voice and data wiring, are to be installed in a facility designed and built before such concepts were ever considered in a heritage-preserving manner. Many of Winnipeg's landmarks, such as the Johnston Terminal, Grain Exchange and 395 Main St. to name only a few, have established new tenants with modern facilities with the aid of Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd.'s expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction.

This expertise is not limited to heritage applications. Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd. has exceeded customer expectations in every type of commercial environment including: apartment blocks, condominiums, churches, offices, shopping malls, storefronts, medical, educational and institutional facilities for both public and private clients.


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