For Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd. professionals the completion of an installation marks the beginning of the project, not the end.

Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd.'s commitment to supporting the quality of its installations and the workmanship of their professionals extends beyond simple warranty work.

Sustaining an in-house maintenance capability is expensive to any organization. In addition to the obvious expense of the wages paid to maintenance staff there are concealed expenditures such as additional administration and onsite storage of materials. All of these expenditures are to maintain a capability that may not be required all the time.

It is paying full-time costs for part-time work.

With Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd. maintaining your electrical systems your organization pays only for the work required, only when it is required.

By outsourcing your maintenance requirements to Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd. your organization will not only realize cost savings but it will be able to benefit from the education, experience and expertise of Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd. professionals. Professionals who bring years of real-world experience, coupled with training in the very latest in electrical products and installation, to every project.

Electrical interruptions do not restrict themselves to regular business hours; neither does Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd.

Day or night, weekend or weekday, a single phone call to Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd.'s Emergency Contact Number (204) 784-3810 allows customers facing a interruption in their electrical service to resolve it with a Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd. professional.



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