Recognizing the innate value of its professionals and the inherent hazards of the construction industry, Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd. recognizes no greater principle than safety.

In pursuit of creating safe and efficient working conditions, Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd. conducts regular safety training with its professionals to keep them abreast of the latest in workplace safety regulations and practices. The purpose is to empower Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd. professionals with the knowledge and the mandate to recognize and rectify potentially unsafe conditions before they endanger themselves or others. Safety audits, performed by both internally and by independent sources, help to reinforce the resulting safety awareness.

has recognized Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd. diligence with the Certificate of Recognition, #94-2001-133. In addition, Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd. has maintained an excellent reputation with the Workers Compensation Board.




Tri-Star Electric Company Ltd. is committed to ensuring, so far as reasonably possible, the safety, health and well being of our employees.

We consider health and safety to be one of our most important responsibilities; therefore, sacrificing it for the sake of expediency is not acceptable under any circumstances.

We will endeavor to conduct all of our business activities in compliance with applicable Safety and Health Regulations and Codes of Practice and strive to eliminate or control foreseeable hazards, which may result in personal injury, occupational illness or property damage.

We will develop, implement and maintain an up-to-date safety and health program consistent with what we believe to be the best established management practices in a sincere effort to prevent pain, suffering, and economic loss attributable to accidents.

We recognize that the responsibilities for safety and health are shared thus we encourage and expect complete, active participation by everyone.

Though conscientious contribution and continuous wholehearted support we can, and will, improve our safety performance and assure a healthier, happier and more secure future for all concerned.

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