For Tri-Star Technical Ltd. professionals the completion of an installation marks the beginning of the job, not the end.

Tri-Star Technical Ltd. stands behind the quality of its solutions and the workmanship of its professionals 100%. Technical problems do not restrict themselves to regular office hours; neither does Tri-Star Technical Ltd. Day or Night, weekend or weekday, a single phone call to Tri-Star Technical Ltd.'s Emergency Contact Number (204) 784-3810 allows customers facing a problem in their communications infrastructure to resolve it with a Tri-Star Technical Ltd. professional.

Tri-Star Technical Ltd. commitment to excellence in workmanship is not restricted to its own installations. Using the latest in diagnostic testing equipment, Tri-Star Technical Ltd. professionals can performed detailed site audits and inventories, reporting possible shortcomings and recommending a tailor-made resolution.

Whether auditing an unfamiliar system, maintaining an existing network or overhauling an outdated information infastructure, Tri-Star Technical Ltd. has the equipment, experience and expertise.

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