Facilitating the safe and efficient transport of people, products and vehicles is the principle purpose of all municipal public works. No component of this system is as visible or as influential as traffic signals and lighting. When executed correctly, the complex of intricacies constituting a twenty-first century traffic control and lighting system meld together, acting in concert invisibly. When executed poorly, these same complexities become obstructively obvious, incurring great expense.

Founded in 2002, Tri-Star Traffic Inc. is the latest evolution of the Tri-Star commitment to its customers to provide a singular source of expertise, comprehensive services and total customer satisfaction. For over 25 years the Tri-Star group of companies has provided customer-centric solutions for a variety of industrial, commercial and municipal clients in Manitoba and beyond.

With the addition of Joey Hydrochuk and his traffic control technicians, Tri-Star Traffic Inc. offers municipalities off all sizes and needs an otherwise unparalleled opportunity for one-stop shopping for all their traffic control and lighting requirements.

A member of the International Municipal Signal Association with nearly a decade of experience, Tri-Star Traffic Inc. offers true total turnkey service. Research, analysis, consultation, custom-design, purchasing, installation, maintenance and upgrades are all available, in whole or in part, under one roof at a fraction of the cost of an in-house capability.

Tri-Star Traffic Inc. affords big-city services to the smallest of municipalities while providing personalized service to the largest.

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